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Manage your media with mediARC MEDIA

mediARC MEDIA organizes audio, video, and other content in media object containers. The system can handle any media format as long as a compatible player module is available. With mediARC, you can link media objects to multiple metadata entries regardless of whether they are complete or in segments. That means you can create logical cross-correlations even with different qualifiers describing the role of the connection of the media to its context.

  • Multiple configurable marker list support per media object
  • Open media support (MIME extension triggered viewer/player)
  • Dedicated isolation layers between archive, system, and userplane (OAIS concept)
  • Partial File Retrieval over Storage Connector and on request on third-party products
  • Database-controlled storage management

mediARC media

Normalization of File Formats

A future-proof approach when building a new archive repository is to avoid multi-format archives. Looking into today’s archive shelves, you may find around 20 different physical carrier formats and each one of them requires specific knowledge, specific equipment, and specific treatment. In a file based digital archive, formats which are agnostic to content can be chosen if some fundamental rules are followed – such as linearity, lossless compression, and safeguarding of the original’s significant properties like resolution or color space. Using a single format has many advantages:

  • In 15 to 20 years it will be easier to migrate from one archive format to another, rather than from 20.
  • Streamlined business processes without generation loss when using a lossless compressed format.
  • Storage cost is still continuing to decrease. Having to argue in radio archives for 256kbit/sec encoding in 1995 because of storage cost looks strange nowadays (and going for DV25 will look strange in 2026 as well). The time required to digitize material (most projects have durations of several years) will penalize any decision which optimises according to storage cost.

Normalization of file formats

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