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  • Partner Understanding

    We understand the partnership with our partners as a very delicate procedure, which needs to be selected with care. Technical partners and commercial partners are vital to achieve our scope to meet the customer demands with utmost precision.  

    To avoid that some partnerships start with overboarding eagerness and stop even before started correctly - due to unrealistic business plans - we tend to develop a specific project in coordination with the partner after having signed a dedicated agreement. 

    If you are therefore interested to become a NOA partner, please contact us over the contact form in order to promote your position as Technical or Project/Product Partner.

    The partners listed below are long lasting partners - all well known in the industry - and we are happy and proud to be able to work with them.

  • Project Partners

    These are partners which proved to be strong in deploying the project onsite with specific IT skills and deep understanding of the topic, giving real added value to the project.

    CS Computer Systems Croatia, deployed with NOA the complete ingest line at HRT. CS is for NOA one of the partners which we would love to see in any other country as representatives due to its skills, understanding of media and know-how of IT, TV, workflows, newsroom systems and audio understanding.

    VCS Germany, deployed  the Vietnamese Radio archive with NOA systems

    ARTEC Mexico, deployed the Fonoteca Mexico archive with NOA systems

    SnT Romania, deployed the SRR Golden Fonoteca archive with NOA systems

  • Technology Partners

    Technological partners have been in the past quite all major IT players in the IT world and  with each of these vendors we have made good experiences and gathered the necessary know-how to be able to select those products and services which are good for the end customer. Hereby please find a selected list.

    CEDAR Audio Ltd 
    When it comes to signal restoration and Declick”l”ing CEDAR has proven to deliver fantastic algorithms which are now integrated within the CLIP application.

    Quantum Corporation 
    Our appointed partner for large scale video archive solutions: Realised projects: i.e. SRF Sweden

    Harmonic Inc. 
    mediaButler is now having a native interface to ProCarbon Encoder technology (former RHOZET)

    Being a spin-off of the former Cerify group, Thomas Dove and his team really prove how Video QC can look like.

    Network Appliance 
    Double parity Raids and zero problems at rebuild of large clusters with remaining performance, there are reasons why we partner with them in complex environments, where NOA is having the complete responsibility. realised projects: SRF Sweden, Fonoteca Mexico

    We use ORACLE due to its outstanding performance in highly transactional environments. 20 mio records need to be searched in full text in less than 0.5 seconds, even with 50 reall concurrent searches (around 500 users) – this is only possible with well documented database technology and worldwide expertise.
    NOA is Oracle member with ASFU contracts.

    Hewlett Packard 
    More and more HPgear is used by NOA to deploy turnkey projects at customers. Localisation kits and onsite support make HP become a good choice for NOA IT deployments.

    Being a microsoft partner is a must, because - well – we can´t really do without – or ?

    The agency for new media is located in Vienna and has created NOAs corporate and web design.

    If it comes to signal detection and analysis, Christoph Musialik and Ulrich Hatje provide an excellent choice of programs.


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